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About debian packages

Hi all,

I'm a fan of GNU softwares and related, that's why I decided to help
Hurd community as far as I can. 

At this time, I built some (usable) packages :

 - lftp
 - zsh (4.0.6)
 - libdb4

Moreover, since I have a davicom 9102 NIC, I'm running OSKit-mach 1.9
(afaik there is no support for this NIC in gnumach1.2). In order to
build gnumach 1.9, I have rebuilt Debian GNU/Linux oskit packages with
other patch (like linux-2.2-net, and other linked from Joachim's
homepage) This package is available on my homepage too.

If it's possible, I have some questions :

is there a 'official' whish list about Debian GNU/Hurd packages ?
(maybe centralized instead of official). I can see there are a lot of
no-official debian repository which contains extra packages. That's
why I think it's should be better to have a _complete_ list of Debian
Hurd packages available or not. Maybe this list still exist, in this
case, sorry for my lame and please give me the url :p

Best regards

Bruno Bonfils
http://www.debian-fr.org/                         http://www.asyd.net/

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