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Is it enough to run a personal server using GNU/Hurd at this time?

I know that GNU/Hurd is still in development. So I don't expect the
perfect quality of GNU/Hurd. Indeed my main purpose is only personal
server for not so big scale internet services.
So if it's only enough to run Apache and samba(for MS Windows
interconnection) using GNU/Hurd, it's a worthy reason for me to change
my old GNU/Linux server to new GNU/Hurd. :-)
I'm a little worried about stability of running
server(WWW,FTP,SAMBA,etc) using GNU/Hurd...
Please advise me for running servers using current GNU/Hurd.
At least as a small personal server for basic service(WWW,FTP,SAMBA),
it's alright to use current GNU/Hurd?
Surely, I'll be happy unless there are serious system fault or security
Please do me a favor for my question. Have a good day... :-)

from Republic of Korea (2002 Korea & Japan Worldcup :-) , shin1k

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