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Re: racism in 29 palms high school

On Sun, 9 Feb 2003 00:22:37 EST
Jeromew247@aol.com wrote:

> I am a student at 29 palms high school,i was expelled from
> school because i look supicious.there was a fight in the boys
> bathroom at our school, i was in the bathroom 3 boys were
> fighting me and 20 other people broke up the fight,after the
> fight was broken up i walked out of the bathroom,our school gym
> teacher said come here he took me to the principle office he
> told the principle he thinks i was fighting,he said i look real
> supicious,the principle bob thompson said to me,jerome i am
> gonna expell yo ass.i am tired of dumb niggers like you in this
> school.he had me expelled,i want the world to know what he did
> was wrong.my name is jerome whiteside.

Err...and this is relevant to -hurd...how?

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