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Your Email was NOT delivered - EXE files not allowed

From: debian-hurd <debian-hurd@lists.debian.org>
To: supportdesk@stealthnet.co.uk
Subject: W32.Klez.E removal tools


The e-mail message, apparently from you, was NOT delivered. 

StealthNET filters all inbound email, most worm virii contain known phrases. Any email, infected or not that contain any of these phrases will be deleted and will not be delievered to the recipient.

If you used one of these listed phrases, please reword your message and send again. We will be happy to deliver the message.

If you did NOT send the message, you should check your computer for the virus, worm, or malicious code mentioned in the subject line of this e-mail.

You should virus scan your computer ASAP to avoid sending infected files to other email addresses in your address book and web cache.

StealthNET Virus Scanner


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