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packages problems

Hi Folks,

I ran a "apt-get dist-upgrade" and It
proceeded fine util I got
to libgcc1, It failed. The error was saying
that it was unable to execute the binary
file from
/var/lib/dpkg/info/libgcc1.postinst . line 8 

I figured since GNU/Hurd has no ldconfig
that I'd comment it out. I ran dpkg
--configure -a and it installed. A couple
other packages did this to me also.

binutils and libstdc++5 

I edited the package.postinst files on both
packages and they installed.

Is the file editing I'm doing going to
affect future upgrading?  Is this happenin
to others?  It could be my machine because
it has been misbehaving lately.


Matt Grant  
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