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OSKit & X


Just want to share my experience while trying out the Hurd.

In the experiments with Hurd the heaviest drawback for me has been the
problem with perl5 not installable from the Debian Archives, because
this makes it virtually impossible to bootstrap the development system,
as well as hinders the installation of lots of standard use packages. 
If there is some more in detail information about the problem I would
appreciate a pointer.

While trying to get my basic services (mail+web+dns) up and running I
could not find documentation about the boot-process (note, that I have
not read the reference manual yet, maybe I should get some surprises
there...).  Well, the most informative pointer was one stating that hurd
init is not equal to SysV init, and in /hurd/init's *sources* I found
out about /libexec/runsystem ... no manpage, or --help switch supplied.

I could compile and install from the sources:

- Qmail, djbdns, daemontools, ucspi-tcp

There is a problem, which was mentioned as a interim-version glitch on
the debian-devel list:  errno is defined in the sources es 

	ext int errno;

which chokes at link time.  Replaceing it with "#include <errno.h>
works.  However this is not only a DJB-Software problem, the
amaya-Browser also uses "ext int" in the libraptor library.
Will this problem go away with a future libc version?

There is a problem with the control and diagnostic tools of the
"daemontools"-package.  Running "svstat" once returns the right
information about the processes "supervised".  However calling it a
second or more times it says "supervise not running" which is incorrect:
the daemons run fine.  By now I have no further diagnostics about what
could cause this situation.

- wn webserver

These programs are all up and running, to sad I cannot package them for

- dillo, amaya

I could not get any grafical Webbroser working.  Dillo compiles fine, it
just gives a "Warning" about having found "a way to use threads" at the
./configure stage.  This sounds suspect to me (pthread, issue?).  When
Dillo is started it shows the initial Window, when I try to navigate a
Webpage it resolves via DNS and then crashes.  Same goes for viewing a
local file: it crashes before showing any contents.

Amaya has the mentioned issue with "erno".  Once compiled and installed
it starts, complaining about some "shmget"-call not implemented.  After
some time it crashes without ever have shown even a Window.


I installd mig & oskit from Debian, and downloaded the lates oSKit-Mach
sources from CVS.

compiling with

make kernel-ide+floppy+ethernet_ne

gave me almost instantly a fine booting kernel which recognises my
sis900 Ethernet chip as "ne2000" (whatever pleases!), but does not allow
me to run the X-Windows-System, because a failing x86biosread (or
something similar).


My Wishlist:

- oskit kernel with X, maybe I just have to specify some option...

- How the heck can the mouse in X be configured lefthanded

- perl5


I'm getting used to the Hurd! :)

Best Regards,


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