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Re: [Newbie] Hurd and Laptop

Guilhem BONNEFILLE <bonnefil@netcourrier.com> writes:
> In fact, the really thing I would like to know was "how many difficult 
> it is?" (10 minutes, 1 hour or some weeks). After some tests, it seems 
> that it's not really easy, especially with spare free time.

It's not that bad.  I would guess it would take anywhere from 1 hour
if everything goes perfectly, to something like maybe 4 or 5 hour long
tries with emails to this list in between.

Or get on #hurd and you can be up and running in say 4 hours (give or
take a couple hours).

But then when you have experience (and IRC) it's very easy.  I can
install from scratch in something like an hour.


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