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Re: emacs/filesystems/smp

Hello Georg!

02 Jan 2003 16:51:50 -0600, you wrote: 

 > Hello!
 > I just installed the Hurd, with XFree86.  Congratulations to your Great
 > Work.

 > - Emacs21 (Debian packages) segfaults in X with a message "(11)". Is
 >   this a know problem and if yes is there a workaround other then
 >   "emacs -nw"?

No, not at the time, there is a bug in XLib's port AFAIK that prevents
Emacs to work on GNU.

 > - I am interested in Ext3 and in Reiser Filesystems (to read my Linux
 >   partitions).  What is the status of their translators?

You can read ext3 with the ext2 translator, if the partition is smaller
than 2gb. There is no currently working ext3 or reseirfs translator
AFAIK, but there is a read-only JFS translator too (with the 2gb limit

 > - One promise of the microkernel architecture is better performance on
 >   multiprocessor systems, or multicomputer systems. What is the status
 >   of Gnu Mach with respect to these.

Mach is very slow, if you look for performances, look on the work to
port the Hurd on top of L4.

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