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Re: Hurd Newsbee: Cant Boot After Installation

On 5 Nov 2002, Neal H. Walfield wrote:

> Please follow the prescribed way.  You can find references on
> http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd to the latest install guide as well
> as a faq.  In the future, please include the version of the software
> that you are using as well as the exact error messages in bug reports.
> They errors messages may be meaningless to you, however, they are the
> best hints you can give us to help you.

OK, I have tried the


tarball again using GRUB as described in


When I boot HURD I got the following:

- the kernel boots
- both modules are loaded

- the system writes that root filesystem is mounted ReadOnly
- /libexec/console-run: /dev/console - no such file or directory
- /libexec/console-run: /tmp/console - read-only filesystem
(more messages follows)

- /bin/sh exited with status 2
- /bin/shd exited with status 2

- system reboots

(I'm not able to catch all mesages because it reboots to quickly. Is there some
way how to pause the listing?)



	Tomas Kasparek (sioux), PhD student FIT VUT Brno
	  kasparek@fit.vutbr.cz, linux@fit.vutbr.cz

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