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libdb4 package

I have a question regarding the absence of a libdb4 package for Debian
GNU/Hurd.  There are several packages that rely directly or indirectly on
the existence of libdb4.  I downloaded the source, and it compiled cleanly.
I am not experienced in Debian package maintenance, and was wondering if
there was an outstanding reason as to why this software hasn't yet been
packaged for the Hurd.  I plan on taking a crack at figuring out how to do
so, but couldn't figure out why such cleanly compiling software causing so
many outstanding dependencies hasn't been packaged yet.  I'm not trying to
raise anyone's ire, just trying to find out if there was a good reason not
to attempt this.  The list archives don't mention anything, so I'm appealing
to the wisdom of the bazaar.



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