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Re: first contact


On Mon, Oct 28, 2002 at 08:17:16AM -0500, Simon Law wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 28, 2002 at 11:03:11AM +0100, yam wrote:
> > I just downloaded last hurd iso image (hurd-J2-CD1.iso), and what I
> > tried first is to install it into VMWare virtual machine (maybe this
> > aint supported at all though), it doesnt work, after following dialog
> > menus (similar to debian) and rebooting, it stays blank, I get nothing.
> > 
> > Is it caused by VMWare? would it work with a normal installation
> > directly from cd?
> 	VMWare is not supported software, and will not be as long as it
> remains non-free.  Please see
> http://hurd.gnufans.org/bin/view/Hurd/NewbieQuestions

Of course the Hurd project shouldn't go out of its way to adapt to
non-free infrastructure (how free are the algorithms in your x86,
though?), but I have a little trouble combining your firm standpoint
with the fact that the GNU project is making an effort to make Glibc run
on Solaris, and GCC on Windows.

Care to shed some light on that issue?

> > Thanks a lot. I'm quite interested in Hurd project.
> 	I'm quite glad of that.

No doubt more people would be if their (virtual) machine would be
capable of running it.

I'm not proposing a 'temporarily going over to the dark side' to try and
achieve some good goal, but if VMWare correctly implements the x86
bytecode and related hardware 'standards', then I don't see any point in
trying to make things hard for VMWare users -- however misguided their
decision to purchase that software may be. 

As far as I can see, GNU has never made a point of making it hard to
interoperate badly with non-free software. On the contrary, it makes
every effort to adhere to standards, even if that means better
interoperability with non-free software. That's sane policy, IMHO.



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