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Re: slapd - possible broken dependency

--- Matthew Hambley <matthew@aether.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> I attempted to install slapd this afternoon.  It complains that it is
> unable to find libthreads.so.0.2.  I have libthreads.so.0.3 which I'm
> assuming cam as part and parcel of libc0.3.  Am I right in thinking that I
> can't have both libc versions because of some major brakages between the
> two?  If so this would seem to be a dependency problem.
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 libthreads is actually part of the Hurd.  This package was compiled between
the libc break/update, and the hurd break/update, so it just needs to be
recompiled and binary NMU'd.  You cannot have both libc0.2 and libc0.3 
installed at the same time, nor can you have libthreads0.2 and libthreads0.3
installed at the same time. 

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