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Re: ipv6 on hurd

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002, Gaël Le Mignot wrote:

>  > 	does anyone know how the hurd kernel
> The Hurd is not a kernel, it's a collection of servers running in user-space
> as normal processes in top of a micro-kernel.

sounds cool :) thanks for the explanation. :)

>  > handles ipv4/ipv6 socket??
>  > Does it work similar to the linux kernel (ipv6 bind listen both ipv6 and
>  > ipv4) or like *BSD (ipv6 is a standalone bind)???
> We have no IPv6 implementation right now. The current tcp/ip stack (the pfinet
> server) is IPv4 only, but a redesign and reimplementation of this stack is
> in progress.

Got it. Do you know which are the plans for this re-implementation???? or
even some links/docs will be more than fine.

Thanks a lot


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