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Re: experimental lsh-util (ssh) debs, kerberos and entropy probs

Glenn McGrath <bug1@optushome.com.au> writes:

> I made some experimental lsd debs, they are at
> http://people.debian.org/~bug1/hurd/


> To compile them i had to --disable-kerberos support, for a proper deb
> package there are a few ways to aproach it

The lsh kerberos support is quite limited, and contained in one
separate program, lsh-krb-checkpw. I guess it would make some sense to
have a separate (binary) package for that.

> The last option would be the hardest, i dont know enough about kerberos to
> know if it would justify the effort right now.

One could try compiling heimdal and/or mit kerberos, but I think
that's a project that's mostly orthogonal to lsh.

> To use the debs it will try and create a random key with a program called
> lsh-create-seed, i couldnt get that to work but copying one across from my
> linux machine worked, and the lshd server seems to be working fine.

It's lsh-make-seed, and I had similar experiences as you when I tried
building lsh a while back.

> Only w and df work under the hurd, so it doesnt get to the keyboard stage,
> i tried using the --sloppy option that doesnt have a prequesit on the
> amount of data from the first source, but it locked my machine up.

Hmm, iirc it locked up my terminal, but not the entire machine. I ran
it on dryden, and I think I was able to login again and kill the


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