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Re: dpkg-shlibdeps, ldd and /usr -> .

On Thu, Oct 10, 2002 at 11:27:43AM +1000, Glenn McGrath wrote:

> >The .shlibs file doesnt mention any path, so does the path (/usr/lib or
> > /lib) really need to be considered when dpkg-shlibdeps tries to find a
> > match ? (maybe its a dumb question)

> Im told on #deiban-devel

> <doogie> the plan is to have dpkg strip the path, match on filename, then
> on the resultant matches, to a realname() on the dirs, and match that back
> up with the strip path from step 1
> <doogie> this will fix hurd, and any admin who has decided to move any dir
> to any non-standard location

I don't suppose doogie mentioned whether this feature was coming
before or after the upcoming iceage, did he? =)

I can't complain, I don't speak enough Perl to send a patch.  *sigh*...

learning from failures is nice in theory...
but in practice, it sucks :)
 - Wolfgang Jaehrling

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