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The rapture is coming soon!!!!!!  Where are you headed!!!!!!  You can go to heaven with the believers or stay on earth and go through the anti-Christ.  I would choose to go to heaven if I were you.  The anti-Christ isn?t all bad until he gets killed and comes back to life because he then is Satan or the devil, which is very bad.  I have proof that Jesus Christ is real!!!!!!!!  The proof is- how would I know all this I?m about to tell you.  This proof is in the bible.  You won?t know I?m telling the truth until us believers are gone.  That?s just the beginning.  Next, the anti-Christ will unite to whole world, so basically world peace, with stuff like one currency for the world.  Then someone will kill him and then he will be resurrected, this time he will be Satan.  Satan will try to get you to do stuff like get the mark 666.  DO NOT GET THIS MARK.  This is where it gets tricky.  You don?t have to get the mark.  But if you don?t you will be killed.  Do not worry about being killed because it will be instant and, if you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins to let you go to heaven, at this time you will instantly go to heaven.  So don?t be scared to die.  144,000 Jews will be left behind on earth to spread the word of Jesus Christ.

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