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Re: Debian Installer

On Sun, 15 Sep 2002, Simon Law wrote:

> > I suspect that once the Hurd has been officially released we would want
> > the following releases to follow quickly, say every 3 - 4 months for a
> > year or two.  </asbestos>
> 	Let me argue that it would be extremely advantageous to track
> Debian's release cycle.  New features and such can always be added to
> unstable; but trying to fork off "stable" releases from Debian at a rate
> faster than Debian itself is just asking for a lot of pain.
> 	If we want to spawn GNU version 1.0, that's fine; since those
> people don't have to deal with other developers changing things beneath
> them.  But in Debian, a lot of infrastructure has to be in the right
> place at the right time before a release can ever occur.  (Just witness
> the recent libpng, libstdc++ and Perl goodness.)

They were nasty.  However, if the pool system were to be more extensively
used then there could be more frequent Hurd releases.  What might be
unstable for Linux could be quite stable for the Hurd and v.v.  It would
be a matter of creating proper Packages files for the Hurd.

> 	Besides, on a personal note, I am quite enamored by the fact
> that I can sit down to any Debian hamm/slink/potato/woody machine and
> expect it to work exactly like any other hamm/slink/potato/woody
> machine.  Having independant releases would break that universality that
> we get with the "Universal Operating System."

I would not expect Sarge/Hurd to be the same as Sarge/Linux, otherwise why
bother with the Hurd at all?  However, I would expect quite a lot to be
common to both.


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