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Re: autobuilder...


On Die, 27 Aug 2002, Marcus Brinkmann produced 3,1K chars torturing the keyboard:

> Do you use fakeroot?  It's broken.

Intentionally broken or just short-term? Is it going to be fixed or
should I use sudo?

> > 4. building dpkg:
> >    buildd@hurd:~/chroot-unstable/build/buildd/dpkg-1.10.4$ fakeroot debian/rules binary
> >    test -f include/dpkg.h.in
> >    install -d /chroots/unstable/build/buildd/dpkg-1.10.4/build
> s/chroot-unstable/chroots/ ?

No. I didn't edit that!

buildd@grafz-hurd:~$ ls -ld chroot-unstable
lrwxr-xr-x    1 buildd   sbuild         26 Aug 27 10:57 chroot-unstable -> /usr/local/chroot/unstable
buildd@grafz-hurd:~$ ls -ld /usr/local/chroot  
lrwxr-xr-x    1 root     staff          17 Aug 26 18:51 /usr/local/chroot -> /mnt/work/chroots

Those symlinks are to satisfy wanna-build/sbuild/buildd....

> >    it simply kicks away the first two components of the path! The real
> >    path should have been
> >    /mnt/work/chroots/unstable/build/buildd/dpkg-1.10.4

> Dunno about the hang.  Maybe fakeroot bugs, too.

Are there docs about the flags (other than the source ;-)?

> >    shell-init: could not get current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: Gratuitous error
> Is this fakeroot, too?

No. Only chroot is involved:

              instdir defaults to  /  and
              refers  to  the  directory where packages are to be
              installed.  instdir is also the directory passed to
              chroot(2)  before  running  package's  installation
              scripts, which means that the scripts  see  instdir
              as a root directory.  Changing root changes instdir
              to dir and admindir to dir/var/lib/dpkg.

> If you want to build with real root, notice 
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=144571&repeatmerged=yes
> please.



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