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Re: permissions. ACLs? groups?

On Sun, Aug 25, 2002 at 03:20:57PM +0200, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
> For example I am user "user_a" on some box and I want to share this account 
> with a friend of mine, but I do not want him to know my password and I want 
> to restrict access to some personal files. Then I should be able to create a 
> user "user_a:user_b" (I would be "user_a:root" myself), with his own 
> password, and grant him some of the permissions that I was granted by "root", 
> so I grant him to execute programs and access to a subdirectory of my homedir 
> while I restrict access to some other subdirectory and my mail account. 
It sounds like perfect sandboxes for untrusted programs.

Michal Suchanek

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