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Re: Debian packages moved from alph.gnu.org into mirror system?

On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 08:05:09AM -0700, James Morrison wrote:
>  Well, I did one yesterday, and it looks like I'll have 40 today.

7.1.1. Reporting lots of bugs at once

     Reporting a great number of bugs for the same problem on a great
     number of different packages --- i.e., more than 10 --- is a
     deprecated practice.  Take all possible steps to avoid submitting bulk
     bugs at all.  For instance, if checking for the problem can be
     automated, add a new check to intian' so that an error or warning is

     If you report more than 10 bugs on the same topic at once, it is
     recommended that you send a message to <debian-devel@lists.debian.org>
     describing your intention before submitting the report.  This will
     allow other developers to verify that the bug is a real problem.  In
     addition, it will help prevent a situation in which several
     maintainers start filing the same bug report simultaneously.

     Note that when sending lots of bugs on the same subject, you should
     send the bug report to <maintonly@bugs.debian.org> so that the bug
     report is not forwarded to the bug distribution mailing list.

(developer's reference)
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