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Re: Scary idea for a package

On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 01:05:12PM -0700, James Morrison wrote:
>  First, I'm curious if this idea is sane, then I'm curious if it would
>  be useful, and after that, I'll be curious if it is possible.
>  How about a gnumach2-custom package, that depends on
>  build-essentials, mig, and oskit and uses debconf to store its
>  configuration options.  I guess the priority would be High on the
>  list of check boxes, so everyone who installs this package gets the
>  proper questions.  So, the postinst script would run configure, make
>  kernel-[drivers], gzip -9c kernel > /boot/gnumach-custom.gz, and then
>  be done.

	The saner way of doing this would be a make-kpkg equivalent (see
kernel-package).  Making a set of installation scripts on high would be
bad for a number of reasons, mostly concerning unattended installations.


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