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J1 iso images available

The upload to ftp://ftp.fsn.hu/pub/CDROM-Images/debian-unofficial/hurd
is now completed and the images are now propagating around the other

Features. The scripts used to build the boot-floppies and CDs are now
based on those used for Debian 3.0, a major piece of butchery.  This means
that Linux kernal 2.4 is available for the initial installation, this may
be of some use on some systems.

baseHurd has been rebuilt for this set.

extra-packages, the directory with the packages excluded by debian-cd
because of dependency problems, has not been included as this would have
meant a fifth CD.

The problem with "apt-get install foo" from a CD seems to have been
resolved.  If people still encounter this problem would they please
contact me.

The problem with running small shell scripts from a CD still exists, so
initial.sh etc have been padded out to work round this problem.

gcc-3.0-base and libstdc++3 were salvaged from H4 to make the current set

Files had to be removed from initial.sh and gui.sh as debian-cd did not
include them on the CDs.

The manual system did not work so it has been removed from initial.sh, use
info instead.

I could not get X to work, but then I did not try very hard.

The graphic on the initial boot is Tux (I hope he is drinking Steinlager),
and I have not been able to locate this file so it can be replaced with a
suitable Hurd graphic.  Can anyone help?


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