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Re: J1 CD images

On Sat, 27 Jul 2002, Patrick Strasser wrote:

> Zitiere Philip Charles <philipc@copyleft.co.nz>:
> > If there are no problems I will produce jigdo templates as well.
> Have you found a way of handling packages that are replaced by
> recompile?  I bet you cant create a template, send it over the net to
> europe end reconstruct it. So what about this fallback directory Atilla
> had for this daily Woody images?

I am drawing a boundary here.  I will produce the template and let others
work out how to use it.  There are three sources that IMHO that will need
to be used.
1.  sid, from an ftp site.  (Frozen at the date of the CD build?)
2.  alpha.gnu.org (when it is rebuilt)
3.  loop mounted images for boot-floppies etc.

> If you need any help, I'd gladly help you.
Over to you?  Let me know what you need to know.

> Great! I didn't expect them that soon.
DYATI (doing yet another test installation) at the moment.


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