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Re: Is Hurd good?

On 24-Jul-02 21:23:59 Fabian Sturm <f@rtfs.org> wrote:
 FS> Hello,

 FS> from my limited understanding of kernels I would
 FS> think its like this.

 FS> The fastest operating system on earth would be one which
 FS> never checks any parameters and would only have one user
 FS> which can do anything (this saves doing privlege checks).

 FS> (Hmm isnt this a description for windows95, except that it
 FS>  never was fast?)

 FS> But the problem whith this operating system is that it
 FS> will crash whenever you pass wrong parameters.

 FS> (Ahh yes thats definitely windows)

[snip - see thread for additional references]

Or like the AmigaOS??? Note that user accesible IPC was made
somewhat standard on the Amiga via AREXX "ports". And the Amiga
OS is much faster than Windows.

The Hurd is also a project to give the user more freedom than
is given on traditional *nix type systems. More Freedom in the
User Space.

Using the analogy of dumb and smart terminal for this user space,
I would think it possible to make a smart user space interface.
This way the user gets the benefits of corner cutting speed and
when needed, the resources it can get thru the Hurd.

Sorta a trade off, where security and uncrashability of the
system overall is what the Target of the Hurd is, but the users
smart interface can still do alot itself while not infringing
upon that security and stability of the Hurd.

Between the smart and streamlined user interface and the Hurd,
you have IPC standardized (Finally??) to be Signal/Semiphore,
Message and Memory location(s).

Although the AmigaOS is proprietary, a portable clone project
is past 3/4 the way there. AROS on sourceforge.

Timothy Rue
Email @ mailto:timrue@mindspring.com
Web @ http://www.mindspring.com/~timrue/

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