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Re: translators under /dev

"K. Bradford" <stdin@earthlink.net> writes:
> From what little I know about Hurd, it appears that there are passive
> translators set in all the nodes under /dev, and the ls command brings
> them alive.  This does not seem like proper behaviour and I don't remember
> this happening when I first installed the system.  I have not made any
> changes to /dev or any of the nodes within it, except to run MAKEDEV to
> create the driver nodes I need for my scsi disk.  The ptys were already
> there after the install.
> Could someone offer any clues ?  

The only clue that can be offered is that this is the correct
behaviour, passive translators become a live when what does a stat()
on them.  When running `ls -l' then ls does a stat() on each node
which in turn brings each translator to life. A plain `ls' on the
other hand does not.

Alfred M. Szmidt

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