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Re: compiling random - was: ssh on hurd


> Build everything, as random needs other libraries to actually
> link/compile, and it doesn't use the system wide ones.

Well I actually I did make the whole hurd cvs tree without errors (as I
 stated in my original mail), but this message error eppeared anyway.

> Do people actually bother reading the mailing archives before asking
> questions?

I read as much as I can lay my hands on, and I'm very sorry if my questions
are not that intelligent but I try to test any clue I find before asking. And
I don't ask stupid questions for fun - maybe I should learn to use google
better, for I tried to find a clue in the archives by questioning google but
this did not give any usefull suggestions.

Anyway I temporarily fixed a random be adjusting the "one" translator from
 the hurd hacking guide (don't say I don't read any manuals) to return
 random. Probably this random function won't be random enough to ensure
 security for my ssh - but hey at least I now have ssh :) I will continue
 trying to get a better random running for safety reasons.

Thanks for the link - maybe this is the kind of information that would be
usefull for a newbie faq.

Again I thank all of you -and especially Alfred- for your help,

fortune says:
A little inaccuracy saves a world of explanation.
		-- C.E. Ayres
msn:pardus_larus@hotmail.com icq:89468200

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