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ssh on hurd


I noticed that there is a sshd and a ssh client for hurd in the debian package 
list, both these packages require a "/dev/urandom".

By means of the wise and allmighty gOOgle I found a tar ball called entropy 
and created by Sune Kirkeby, the documentation says you should make it to 
create a entropy/random server.

The problem is that when i try to make it (under hurd) the "cc" returns a 
"operation not supported" error ( /bin/cc is a symbolic link to 
/bin/gcc-3.0). No matter how many debug flags are toggled on, it keeps 
returning this error. Next I tried to crosscompile (this is dirty) and 
although i used "-I /gnu/include" the compiler stays complaining about 
includes it can't find - but they are in /gnu/include !?

Can anyone tell me whether there is an other random or urandom package I 
should use, or how I should compile the entropy tar ball ?

I also noticed that the entropy tar ball wants to patch the mach mini kernel - 
should this really be nescessary ? I mean is gathering random bits not a far 
to specialised task to do in the mini kernel ?

Thanks for reading :),
Jaap Karssenberg

fortune says: 
Don't kid yourself.  Little is relevant, and nothing lasts forever.
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