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Re: HURD/Linux/BSD* ... Loosing focus.

On Mon, 20 May 2002, Jack Howarth wrote:

>    How exactly do the HURD and BSD* releases fit into
> the future releases. Will the next release past woody
> attempt to release on all those OS's as well as Linux?
> Or will each OS become an independent release of its own?
> That is will there be a testing-linux, testing-hurd and
> testing-bsd next time around such that none of the testing*
> branches can impact the other when they freeze?

Going by my experience to date I would suggest independent releases with
different release managers.  IMHO, this would make life a lot easier.
1.  0.1 could be released for the Hurd and *BSD and not compromise the
high standard of the GNU/Linux releases.
2.  The release manager could be someone familiar with the particular
3.  This would not add complications to the overworked GNU/Linux release

Once we know that the Hurd and BSDs are up to standard and problems
associated with their release have been solved, then the policy can be

BTW, different release dates as well for the sake of the ftp people.


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