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Re: where do NEW packages go?

Le lun 20/05/2002 à 01:03, Adam Heath a écrit :
> Debian is an OS.

Debian doens't own/maintain the programs that made the os, 
it "only" (sorry for that term) package them together,
so it's called a distribution

> When I install Debian(be it Linux/alpha, Linux/s390, FreeBSD/arm), I want to
> know it functions like Debian, with all of it's filesystem layouts and
> interface programs.
> If Debian Linux/alpha, Debian FreeBSD/arm, and Debian hurd-i386 are all
> different, then what is the point of Debian?

i'm sorry, but that's just stupid
they are all different, and all have specificities
you are also amalgaming ports and os

what a user installing a Debian GNU/linux, Debian GNU/Hurd,or  Debian
*BSD, want to see is not only a Debian distribution, (ie: common tools
to administate it, common policy on where the files belongs)
but he also want to use a different os, (or what would be the interrest
to have different os then...), and they are some specificities that
can't be avoided like the Hurd is built upon the translator concept,
*BSDs don't use glibc... and in fact these specificities don't even
affect the whole Debian coherency despite what you are saying
not either having many editors/mail daemon/... affect the coherency of
the distribution



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