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Re: where do NEW packages go?

On Sun, 19 May 2002, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> * We have a symlink from /usr to ., and would like to see X to be installed
>   in /, too (either by applying a similar symlink /X11R6 or by just setting
>   the prefix).  This is actually technically necessary, because our linker is
>   ELF and ELF only, and only looks in /lib for libraries.  Other work
>   arounds would be setting rpath (policy conflict) or, when it is available
>   runpath.  The /usr symlink messes up fewer things than you would think.
>   One thing it messes up is dpkg-shlibdeps, but we are actually working on a
>   fix now.

This fix is really about modifying dpkg -S, to not be confused by arbitrary
symlinks.  So, if someone were to look for dpkg -S /mnt/md0/X11R6/bin/xdm,
then dpkg -S  would return proper results.

Ie, this fix would help everyone, and by extension, hurd.

> * The Hurd likes it a bit differently and more GNUish than GNU/Linux.
>   For example, we have another top level directory /hurd that is not
>   accounted for by the FHS, and we want to use /libexec at least for
>   the Hurd itself.  That is not much of a huge technical issue, more like
>   a policy conflict.  Will be taken up at the appropriate level (hopefully
>   FHS).

TBH, the FHS should allow for port-specific extension, if required.  If this
were true, then having /hurd and /libexec, that contains files just concerned
with that port, would not cause the rest of the system to be confusing.

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