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status of the ABI transition


you might wonder what came out of the ABI transition.  We are currently
stalling and awaiting (that is, I am waiting and Jeff is busily caring about
GCC and the autobuilder ;) the following events:

* the inclusion of our dpkg and libc0.3 packages into the Debian archive
  (last time I checked they were still hold up in incoming for manual

* the GCC 3.1 release which will be our standard compiler.

The last point will include a small minor shake up in the C++ packages
(indeed, another incompatible ABI change within the ABI change, so to
speak), but as few packages depend on libstdc++ (only a hundred or so), this
is not so important.  If you (or we :) are not careful, you might have to
download and reinstall apt manually, that's about the worst that can happen
to you.

After that, I will make a new tar file and clean up the alpha.gnu.org space.
So, the steps II and III in my original plan are swapped.


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