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Re: Hurd TWiki forum - hosting

Robert Millan <zeratul2@wanadoo.es> writes:

> AFAIK you can't host a domain name with a dinamical IP address. You
> want a static IP to host the DNS, but standard DNS servers offered
> by your domain registrar are not as flexible as free (as in freedom and
> price) services like dyndns.org (they take 24h to update or so)

The trick is to combine the two.  

Get a dynamic hostname at dyndns.org, and register your twiki domain
name and let the registrar host your nameserver for you.  And then
use CNAME records to point to your dyndns.org hostname.

This way everytime your IP changes, your box updates your dyndns.org
hostname, but lookups to your "real" domain name always resolve to
your dyndns.org name.  Works beautifully.

If you want to know of a cheap registrar that supports CNAME records
like this check out joker.com, they have been great for me.


Ryan Golbeck <rmgolbeck@uwaterloo.ca>
GPG: 1024D/78916B84 -- 1B1B 2A87 3F00 A7FB 40F3  526D 36CF BA44 7891 6B84

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