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Re: Cannot install HURD: bsdutils missing

Andreas Rottmann <a.rottmann@gmx.at> writes:

> I'm right now trying to install the HURD (once again :-)), but when
> executing /.coss-install /gnu --download <mirror>' it complains about
> now finding bsdutils. I checked the main archive and it's really not
> there ('ls pool/main/u/util-linux/*hurd*' yields nothing at all).

I don't believe cross-installing is supported any longer.  Try following
the direction's in Neal's installation guide.


Ryan Golbeck <rmgolbeck@uwaterloo.ca>
Computer Science, University Of Waterloo
GPG: 1024D/78916B84 -- 1B1B 2A87 3F00 A7FB 40F3  526D 36CF BA44 7891 6B84

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