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Re: [CDROM] cannot vm_map whole disk: (os/kern): no-space avalibale

Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com> wrote:

>> after cross-installing h3 and running native-install twice, I tried to
>> "mount" my cdrom-drive. It says, however, there is not enough space?
>> ~#settrans -a /cdrom /hurd/isofs /dev/hd0
>> /hurd/isofs: cannot vm_map whole disk: (os/kern): no-space available
>> settrans: /hurd/isofs: Translator died.
>That is surprising.  An actual CD is definitely small enough that it ought
>to easily fit into the available address space.  Maybe the reported size of
>the device is incorrect.  Please show us "storeinfo /dev/hd0"

device (h_ro,enf;0x200): hd0: 512: 16693328: 8546983936: 0+16693328

512 bytes/block  *  16,693,328 blocks = 8,546,983,936 Bytes
8,546,983,936 Bytes = 8,150 MB

Hm. 8GB is a little bit greater than 650 MB.  :-)

I tried different CDs (bought and burned ones): 
The result is always the same.

Is there any way to override the autodetection?

>and just in case also "showtrans /dev/hd0" 

/hurd/storeio hd0

>and "fsysopts /dev/hd0".

/hurd/storeio --writeable hd0

Although the cdrom-drive is a ReWriteable-Drive I think 
this is not correct. So I tried...
~#fsysopts /dev/hd0 --readonly
... which said: 
fsysopts: /dev/hd0: --readonly: Operation not supported.

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