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Re: Doug's New Hurd Decal

Thanks for all the comments,

Yeah, I admit its dark, I fooled around
with the colors for hours and that was
the best I came up with so far. It is
pretty, but I admit it's hard to read.
That might make somebody take a closer
look :-)

No problem making it square or any
other shape, but some scheme might have
to be done to reduce the colors if you
wanted to screen it onto a shirt. I have
a layered b/w gimp file with the basic
design and will get it posted soon.

I'll have more variations of the banner
eventually, I might hit on a good combo
one of these times. I learned a good
deal in the process of making that one.

I'll have my banners here: http://www.gyrodynamic.net
I'm currently redesigning my site, so it will
change sometime soon with lots of new


Dave McDonald wrote:

Mike Warner wrote:

I like it. It's rich. The color scheme is great. The rising sun contrasts
nicely. ... it's too hard to read. I think the lettering has to be lightened or at
least outlined with a contrasting color.

What if the sun was rising from behind the lettering?

I can also envisage that this logo would look fantastic and stand out a
little more if the shape was not so regular (i.e. rectangular). Shirts
stand out better if the logo has an irregular shape (think of the
OpenSSH puffer ("blow") fish and Tux).

Anyway, the sky is fantastic. A little more contrast between the
silhouette (and the Debian logo) and the sky would make this a very
attractive banner indeed.

Keep up the great effort,

Dave McDonald

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