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Re: Hurd-H3 images available

The H3 images are working their way around the sites.
>From Attila Nagy
> The URLs:
> ftp://ftp.fsn.hu/pub/CDROM-Images/debian-unofficial/hurd/
> http://ftp.fsn.hu/ftp/pub/CDROM-Images/debian-unofficial/hurd/
> rsync://ftp.fsn.hu/cdimages/debian-unofficial/hurd/
> The images are in .static/, where the names won't change (this is
> of mirrors, using rsync), instead I will change the symlinks' name.

I expect the images to be at ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/hurd/contrib/iso/ soon.

There are four images, the fourth being half full.  All the Hurd specific
binaries are on the first two CDs.  Games, graphics and one or two other
Hurd specific binaries are on second CD.
There have been some changes "under the bonnet" and both the boot-floppies
and the debian-cd are early versions of woody, so the build scripts should
be reasonably stable.
The scripts used to build these CD images are on the fourth CD.  Warning,
they are *very* rough.

H3      16 February 2002
    Nasty error in mirroring scripts fixed, so non-US is now up to date.
    baseHurd.tgz now includes dialog.
    debian-cd 2.2.12 was used to build the images.
    An installation using boot.bat should now work.
    Multi-boot has been included for those bios's that support this.
    boot.bat also supports multi-boot.
    sid-secured has been activated.
    ftp-master.debian.org:-  Fri Feb 15 22:00:01 UTC 2002
    nonus.debian.org:- Sat Feb 16 06:00:02 UTC 2002


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