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Re: Boot up problem

--- WilCarr@aol.com wrote:
> I am having a boot up problem.  I have a Gateway 2000 and somehow I shut down
> windows by turning off the computer and not shutting it down by going through
> the start up process.  Then I turned on the computer again and it went into 
> the scan hard drive mode and I saved some files.  When I did this I went into
> safe mode.  I then again went into the DOS setup and tried to turn off the 
> safe mode and I really am not sure what I did.  Now when I turn on my 
> computer it loads the KB and starts to load the mouse and keyboard then it 
> stops loading.  It won't even go into the set up when I hit the pf8 key.  
> What can you tell me? Please help I have no one to help me.
> Carrie

As a MicroSoft representative I would like to remind you that your computer is
functioning in perfectly normal fashion.  Most of my computers do exactly what
yours is doing and I'm quite satified with them.  I don't see why you have a
problem with yours when it works as it is expected to.  I think you may need to
go to a MicroSoft customer satisfaction class in order to learn to appreciate
what the fine MicroSoft system that you have better.

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