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problem with xterm


I have installed Debian GNU/Hurd version G1.

After some problem, Xfree is running.

But now, I have a problème with xterm. Xterm run properly with root id 
but don't run with a user id.

Here, you can look at some traces :

hurd:~# echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
hurd:~#  ldd /usr/bin/X11/xterm
        libXft.so.1 => /X11R6/lib/libXft.so.1 (0x0102b000)
        libfreetype.so.6 => /lib/libfreetype.so.6 (0x01055000)
        libXrender.so.1 => /X11R6/lib/libXrender.so.1 (0x0108d000)
        libXaw.so.7 => /X11R6/lib/libXaw.so.7 (0x01092000)
        libXmu.so.6 => /X11R6/lib/libXmu.so.6 (0x010e5000)
        libXt.so.6 => /X11R6/lib/libXt.so.6 (0x010fa000)
        libSM.so.6 => /X11R6/lib/libSM.so.6 (0x0113e000)
        libICE.so.6 => /X11R6/lib/libICE.so.6 (0x01147000)
        libXpm.so.4 => /X11R6/lib/libXpm.so.4 (0x0115f000)
        libXext.so.6 => /X11R6/lib/libXext.so.6 (0x0116e000)
        libX11.so.6 => /X11R6/lib/libX11.so.6 (0x0117a000)
        libncurses.so.5 => /lib/libncurses.so.5 (0x01251000)
        libc.so.0.2 => /lib/libc.so.0.2 (0x01291000)
        /lib/ld.so => /lib/ld.so (0x00001000)
        libmachuser.so.1 => /lib/libmachuser.so.1 (0x013f3000)
        libhurduser.so.0.0 => /lib/libhurduser.so.0.0 (0x01404000)

hurd:~# xterm                         -----> it's run without problem

hurd:~# su manu
hurd:/root$  echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
hurd:/root$ xterm
xterm: error while loading shared libraries: libXft.so.1: cannot open 
shared object file: No such file or directory

hurd:/root$ ldd /usr/bin/X11/xterm
        libXft.so.1 => not found
        libfreetype.so.6 => /lib/libfreetype.so.6 (0x0102c000)
        libXrender.so.1 => not found
        libXaw.so.7 => not found
        libXmu.so.6 => not found
        libXt.so.6 => not found
        libSM.so.6 => not found
        libICE.so.6 => not found
        libXpm.so.4 => not found
        libXext.so.6 => not found
        libX11.so.6 => not found
        libncurses.so.5 => /lib/libncurses.so.5 (0x01065000)
        libc.so.0.2 => /lib/libc.so.0.2 (0x010a5000)
        /lib/ld.so => /lib/ld.so (0x00001000)
        libmachuser.so.1 => /lib/libmachuser.so.1 (0x01207000)
        libhurduser.so.0.0 => /lib/libhurduser.so.0.0 (0x01218000)

Can anybody help me ?


Emmanuel DUMAS

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