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Re: spam-topcis

Jeroen Dekkers <jeroen@dekkers.cx> wrote:
> Yes, there was something about it on one of the Hurd lists. IIRC it
> was help-hurd. Some of the people gave some procmail rules which
> help. There is also spamfiltering software.

But the spam mails make the list archives completely useless, at least
for me. Somebody once asked me if the Hurd mailing lists are still
in use, because he saw nothing but spam. :(

> AFAIK debian filters some of the spam. But the problem is that you
> should _only_ filter the spam and not all the other mail. The GNU
> server has software which adds X-RBL headers to the spam mails.

Why have I never found any of those X-RBL headers in a spam mail?


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