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emacs21 does not work after hurd/glibc update (means ABI incompatiblity?)

After I updated my hurd and glibc packages,
emacs21 refused to work, it just printed
the message:

Fatal error (4). Illegal instruction.

I thought it could have something to do
with the update, so I recompiled it,
afterwards it worked again.

All the programs installed from Debian
packages do work (at least I have not
seen any error yet...)

btw, it took about 20 minutes to
compile and install GNU Emacs on my Celeron
500 with 192 MB RAM.
(under Linux, it took me 6 minutes for compiling
/installing, but with X11 support - don't
know how much this affects the time)

Starting Emacs is REALLY slow. I have to wait
two minutes before I have a window for editing.
(under Linux: about 5 sec.)

Perhaps I'll do some profiling later this
night ...

If someone has already done this, please mail
me (I follow the list, and can't remember
this being a topic).


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