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Re: Where best to post questions?

* Clemmitt Sigler writes:
>> I understand that some people have had some success with plex86,
>> though.  Are you familiar with irc?  You might try irc.debian.org,
>> channel #hurd for help with that.

> I searched debian-hurd and help-hurd for plex86 and bochs over the
> last year and didn't find any real success or failure reports.  Is
> anyone using plex86 or the new 1.3 bochs to run the Hurd?  (And does
> anyone know if plex86 is dead now?  I just did a CVS checkout and
> don't see any changes since Sept. 11th....)

BOCHS can boot and run GNU/Hurd just fine.

Alfred M. Szmidt

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