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Re: Where best to post questions?

> I searched debian-hurd and help-hurd for plex86 and bochs over the last
> year and didn't find any real success or failure reports.  Is anyone using
> plex86 or the new 1.3 bochs to run the Hurd?  (And does anyone know if
> plex86 is dead now?  I just did a CVS checkout and don't see any changes
> since Sept. 11th....)

Last time I checked, the Hurd still couldn't boot using plex86. It's
probably about time to try again. There have been some changes in the
plex86 team, however, as the main person involved in the project was
laid off from Mandrake. The future of the project is uncertain, but
another developer has picked up the reigns and is currently moving
plex86 over to sourceforge to continue development.

When I was trying plex86, I was using gnumach. Oskit-mach wasn't far
enough along at that time. Things may be different now.

For those who wish to play with plex86, there is a plex86 package now
for Debian.

-- Ian

http://www.ianduggan.net              ian@ianduggan.net

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