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 Perhaps, just perhaps, one of you knows him or he might take
 a peek at the list archives.

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Hi. I'm Marco and I'm writin' to you hopin' you can help me.
I've created a virtual machine with no OS and I made the boot with a bootdisk 
of Grub.
I want to install Grub in the MBR of my virtual machine in order to avoid to 
boot everytime with the floppy.
However I don'manage to mount the disk of the virtual machine and so when I 
esecute the install procedure frome the grub shell it says that the disk is 
not mounted.
I tried to use the vmware-mount.pl script to solve the problem but it doesn't 
Can you tell me hou I could make?
Thank you!

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"And if the messenger would shoot first?"

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