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Re: Translator -- help

On Sat, Dec 15, 2001 at 10:26:59PM -0800, arun v wrote:
> I was going thru the code of translators hello.c and
> null.c
> Here what is the use of functions:
> trivfs_S_io_read
> trivfs_S_io_write
> trivfs_S_io_seek etc.
> Where are these functions declared and when are they
> called?

Those are RPC server stubs (please read my talk on the hurd.gnu.org web
site under Documentation).  They are called by the server_routines (see the
trivfs_demuxer, and the MiG generated ioServer.c stubs, for example).

When a user makes a io_read() RPC on a translator provided port, the
execution flow will eventually end up in trivfs_S_io_read (there is a
thread in libports receiving messages, and then it goes through a few steps
until it ends up there).

> I have also problems in opening multithreaded translators 
> i.e. ports_manage_port_operations_multithread(......)
> I give hurd#> settrans -c trans /gnu/null 
> (null.c is launched as multithreaded in its code)
> But trans is not working! 
> When i give ls -l trans, System does not respond and i
> have to give CTRL-C to break it.

What is /gnu/null?  How did you produce the binary?

Remember you can use gdb.  I think you might have forgotten
libshouldbeinlibc or so, in which case you get subtle problems at run time.
> Where can i find code of more translator pgms?

in the Hurd there are many, and some are posted occasionally on
bug-hurd@gnu.org.  I wrote a run.c, and there is colortext, shadowfs,


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