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Re: AW: Junk Mail

* ["hriedel"] 

> Thanks for your advice, but unfortunately I'm just
> using that damn Outlook thing under Win2k/XP.
> I just have to work such a lot unter Win, that I haven't
> booted even a Linux/UNIX-System lately. And too, I can't
> afford a second machine right now. So I have to stick
> on Win for the next year(?).

I check orbz and ordb in my MUA (Gnus in XEmacs) using

Just because you run windows, there should be no reason why you could
not use a better mail program than Outlook.  Emacs supposedly runs
beautifully under windows.

(Oh, and with other mailers than Outlook, you will also avoid such
braindamage as using AW (antwort?) instead of the standard code Re.  We
have the exact same problem with SV in Norway)

Anyway, this is getting heavily off topic.

ssh -c rot13 otherhost

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