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Re: Xdm make my screen black (was: X11 failled to run ...)

Hi Ryan,

I do well follow your howto but when I launch:
"kill -HUP 66 (the pid of runttys)"
the following message comes:
"/hurd/init: /libexec/runsystem terminated abnormaly (segmentation fault)

I do verify that translator on com0 (the one I would use as serial console), is
well running. Also that /dev/com0 is well "crw-r--r-- 1 root 1000 0,0 Dec 8
12:23 /dev/com0". (com0 and com1 appears well detected by GnuMach)

And finaly after a reboot, I got the message:
"/libexec/runsystem line 140: 69 Segmentation fault ${RUNTTYS}"

I also 'apt-get dist-upgrade' with pakages I have got this Dec 6 and no changes.

I have not enough experience with hurd to define where is the bug:
	The translator /hurd/term
	Or the runttys ?

Thanks in advance for additional help,

PS: I am very interested because I do not yet find why xdm does not startx
rightly and I have no other means to take control of my box at this time.

Quoting "Ryan M. Golbeck" <rmgolbeck@uwaterloo.ca>:

> joel.soete@freebel.net writes:
> > 2. Does it exist a way to have access to a serial consol to try to
> take back the
> > control of the box to avoid the hard reboot?
> See http://www.freesoftware.fsf.org/thug/serial-howto.txt and search
> this list and you will find relevant information to getting this
> setup.
> -- 
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> Computer Science
> University Of Waterloo
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