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Re: Central Hurd web (Was: question about booting hurd)

> > Look above for an idea of what I roughly mean by directory of Hurd 
> > specific stuff. I would merge it with hurd.gnu.org.
> I like to compare the web site hurrd.gnu.org with the Hurd source code.
> The Hurd source code is the essence of the Hurd development. It is what
> is considered to be code worth to be included and maintained. We don't
> include half-baken, incomplete, or broken code unless there is a strong
> reason to do so. This actually has a real effect on the work needed to
> maintain the code. If the first version you check in is near to perfect,
> you don't need to make much changes later on.
> Or, put the other way: If you just throw together some bits and pieces,
> you can't hope that anything truly useful comes out of it. This holds
> true for source code as well as for documentation and web sites.
> A good link collection requires a lot of work and permanent maintenance.
> It also requires a fine judgement about what to give how much weight.

I did not want to propose to mix everything together blindly without
consideration, evaluation and maintenance like

cat http://hurd.gnu.org > http://ultimate_hurd_site
cat http://angg.twu.net/the_hurd_links.html >>
cat http://www.fprintf.net/hurd/ >> http://ultimate_hurd_site

My point was about concentration.

> Sure, all the details of current developments around the Hurd are obscured
> by being spread all over the web. But google has failed me never to retrieve
> any particular detail I lost. What is more devastating is that the very
> basic, the documentation of the Hurd, its design, its tools and interfaces
> is lacking. This is a serious problem. If someone visits hurd.gnu.org,
> he wants to find out about the Hurd, and not about OSKit, L4, Microkernels
> or any other subject which is related to the Hurd.
> Don't get me wrong: at some time or another this information becomes important
> for development. But for the first contact, it's all secondary.

What is the situation concerning possible changes of Hurd
design/interfaces now ? Was there any discussion about this on Hurd
mailing lists or somewhere else ? What is considered to be
problematic area ?

> > Sure, the absolutely most appropriate place would be the GNU site but
> > if you resist to link to some unwanted stuff and if you seem to be 
> > content with the current situation then I really don't know how to 
> > solve this...
> >
> Easy: Put your feet where your mouth is! Rather than
> discussions about how things should or should not be, it's better
> to just go forward and do something you think is a good idea, and then see
> how it fits in.

You are suggesting to make Yet Another Personal Hurd Site but this is
exactly what I was arguing against. My point was that people should
contribute to some central site more than to their own sites.
I can't contribute myself now because I am a newcomer. I could only
build Yet Another Hurd Directory and this makes no sense. Do you
think it would have any use if I tried to work on the Hurd Reference
Manual in some time (school exams are threatening me now..) even if I
am newbie and somebody would have to check it and fix it ?


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