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Central Hurd web (Was: question about booting hurd)

> > but on Matthew Vernon's 'The easy guide to installing Hurd on a Linux
> > box' these commands aren't mentioned

> Neal's guide is much more update, follow it's instructions.
> Ryan

This points to a more general problem: I think that we should make
one "official" Hurd web site with all important information. Now all
the information is spread across the web. There are several more or
less useful webs with different Hurd texts, links, with more or less
up-to-date installation guides. Why should people interested in Hurd
surf these hidden sites for the best installation instructions and
other Hurd info or even dig it from google (like I did year ago) ?

Wouldn't it be nice if _most_ of the information spread across web
was at ONE CENRAL PLACE known to everyone ? Shouldn't we make _one_
"official" instalation guide which is up-to-date rather than to have
several personal (sometimes unmaintained) texts ? If anybody has
something to say he or she could contribute it to the "official" site
rather that keeping it at his/her personal site hidden to the world.

I would make one big site from most of the stuff that is now
scattered. And all updates of materials used would take place there.

This site could contain for example:
1) overviews, philosophical and historical texts, FAQs
2) guides e.g. installation, compilation
3) documentation
4) sources
5) mailing lists, IRC channel
7) categorized links e.g.
  Hurd in press, including articles on Internet
  mach (docs)
  l4 (docs, sites)
  other Hurd sites and personal pages with Hurd stuff
  Kernel Cousin
  related sites e.g. OSKit, SawMill, CORBA, QNX

etc. etc. etc. - everything related to Hurd

I would mix all the individual sites together.

Don't get it wrong, I do _not_ think that people should not make
their own web sites about the Hurd. But IMO contributing good
material to some central place would be more useful. And individual
sites could be pointed to from there.

It would be useful especially for newcomers and all the people that
are interested in the Hurd in general.

If nobody should want to I could take care of it but I don't run any
web server.

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