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Re: Debian GNU or Debian GNU/Hurd?

Kevin Kreamer <kkreamer@etherhogz.org> writes:

> That's fine, but there's a difference between an article customarily 
> preceding a name, and one that is part of a name.  What I'm saying is 
> if you really want "the" to be part of the name "GNU Hurd", it should
> actually be "The GNU Hurd".  Otherwise it's just part of the rest of 
> those sentences.  (And if you say the "the" isn't important enough 
> to be capitalized, I propose that it isn't important enough to be a 
> necessary part of the official name.)

"the" isn't a part of the name, the point is that the name is the sort
of part of speech which takes "the"--unlike proper names in general,
which don't get "the".

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