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X11 freeze ...


  using Hurd, occasionaly the system freeze, with some process that stops
and some other continues to run. Today I've found a way to reproduce it on
my system. I start X11, and then inside a xterm I run the followings command:

# cd /etc/cron.daily
# for i in *; do ./$i; done

After few minutes, keyboard and mouse stop to work, but the disk activity
just go on... Sometimes if I using more application, only few window
"freeze", while others continue to work. For example the clock of my window
manager just continue to update.

I also made a simple try to log what happens during the freeze. I just run
the following command before start cron scripts:

(while true; date; ps -aux; vmstat; sleep 5) >/var/log/crash.log

In attachment you can find a piece of crash.log 
(note: freeze happens about at 22:37:30)

Last, but not least. Running the cron scripts without X11, and running the
command above, I've got this misterious errors on console:

  -bash: /usr/bin/ps: Computer bought the farm

Someone can help me to understand this error?

Thanks in advance.

Saluti / Regards

Diego Roversi | diegor at maganet.net
              | diegor at tiscalinet.it 

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